This project is inactive and is no longer maintained.

PBOP Conduit

Synchronise all your data, which was in your PersonalBrain (in a BRN file), to your Palm. PBOP has an "easy" navigable user interface built on-top of JPilotDB, simulating the real navigation on PersonalBrain between child, parent and jump ideas.

For more information see: PersonalBrain On Palm.

PIMnet Hotsync Conduits

The PIMnet Hotsync Conduits perform a mirror synchronisation between the handheld and the desktop. The information is stored in an open XML format. All 4 main palm applications are supported, datebook, addressbook, todolist and the memopad application.

Together with the PIMnet Hotsync Conduits, the PIMnet-Services can be used. The PIMnet-Services make use of the XNGR XML Browser framework and can handle the data as is synchronised by the PIMnet Hotsync Conduits on the desktop. These services can be used as a more flexible and extensible substition for the Palm Desktop application.

For more information see: PIMnet Hotsync Conduits.