This project is inactive and is no longer maintained.

Java Conduit Manager

The Java Conduit Manager manages the installation and de-installation of Java based conduits to the Palm HotSync Manager and gives an overview of all conduits installed using the Java Conduit Manager.

This allows developers to concentrate completely on writing the 'Java Conduit' without having to know anything about the native libraries to be able to install the Java Conduit. The Java Conduit developer has to:

  • create a conduit.xml file describing the conduit.
  • archive the conduit classes in a .jar file together with the conduit.xml file.

The user can simply register the 'Java Conduit' to the Palm HotSync Manager by adding the Conduit to the Java Conduit Manager. The user has 2 options for adding the Conduit to the Java Conduit Manager, the user can add the Conduit from the Command-Line, this allows for 'automatic' installation, or by selecting the Conduit with the help of the Java Conduit Manager GUI.

At the moment the Java Conduit Manager only runs on Microsoft Windows machines but other platforms will be added as soon as Palm adds Java Conduit support for other platforms.

Conduits for the 4 main Palm applications; addressbook, todolist, memopad and datebook, have already been created. These conduits perform a full mirror synchronisation between the handheld and the desktop information. Saving the information to an open XML format.