This project is inactive and is no longer maintained.


Step 1

Create a java conduit by implementing the palm.conduit.Conduit interface as can be found in the palm cdk.

Step 2

Create a file called conduit.xml and copy the following information in there:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<conduit xmlns="url:org.palm.conduit:manager.v01">
See the conduit.dtd file for extra information about the possible attributes and elements.

Step 3

Change the values for the fields.

Step 4

Jar the classes and the conduit.xml file together so you get a conduit.jar file with the following structure:


Step 5

Create an install.bat and uninstall.bat file:


@echo off
call %JCM_HOME%\jcm.bat INSTALL conduit.jar


@echo off
call %JCM_HOME%\jcm.bat UNINSTALL conduit.jar

Step 6

The user can now (un)install the conduit with his/her preferred mechanism.