This project is inactive and is no longer maintained.

Latest Downloads

Java Conduit Manager 0.4

The Java Conduit Manager application. Version 0.4 contains a couple of bug fixes, a Tool-bar, a Status-bar and allows the user to see the undo information for the conduit.

The Java Conduit Manager needs a version of the Palm JSync Suite installed to be able to run!

The Java Conduit Manager binaries: [1.21MB]

The Java Conduit Manager binaries together with a JSync Installer: [10.2MB]


Un-Zip the or file to a preferred directory and make the following changes:

  • Set the JCM_HOME global Environment variable to point at the directory where the Java Conduit Manager is installed.
  • Set the PALM_HOME Environment variable in the jcm.bat file to point at the directory where the Palm Desktop is installed. (or add this directory to the PATH)

PBOP Conduit

The PBOP Conduit synchronises all data, which was in your PersonalBrain, to your Palm. PBOPconduit is a JAVA based conduit which has been developed with JPilotDB.

To download the PBOPconduit please go to:

PIMnet Hotsync Conduits 0.5

The PIMnet Hotsync Conduits synchronise the information between the Palm Handheld and the PC to a XML format. To read out and handle this information like the Palm Desktop application, a couple of services for the XNGR XML Browser application have been created the PIMnet-Services.

The PIMnet Hotsync Conduits currently available can handle the information from the 4 main Palm applications: AddressBook, DateBook, MemoPad and the TodoList application.

The Addressbook XML-Conduit: [Service:]
The Todolist XML-Conduit: [Service:]
The MemoPad XML-Conduit: [Service:]
The DateBook XML-Conduit: [Service: Not available yet]